Hollidge Medical Centre and Travel Clinic
                                              Dr Wilson Idami MD, C.C.F.P

  Hollidge Medical Centre &

Travel CLinic

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Travel Consultation and Immunization fees:

Travel consultation is $50 for the first traveller; $25 for each additional traveller; $125 for a family of 5 or more

Cost of administering injections:

Twinrix injection $15

Havrix injection $15

Engerix B injection $15

Typhim VI injection $15

Menactra injection $15

Japanese Encephalitis injection $15

Rabies injection $15

Yellow Fever $155 ( Includes cost of vaccine, administration and certificate)

Prescriptions are given for all vaccines and oral medications, except for Yellow Fever which is kept in the office.

Cardiology/Lab Clinic:

Stress Echocardiogram

Loop/Holter testing



Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (not covered by OHIP)

Blood Lab